Ben John Cabigas

I write stories about kids, spooky things, and some taho. In that order.


I Talk For You

When The Words Feel Wrong

This is how I define Writer’s Block: It’s not a drought of words. It’s writing the wrong words. Continue reading “When The Words Feel Wrong”

Footnotes (9/27/2016)

Just another day where I’m lost on whether to do one thing or another. Continue reading “Footnotes (9/27/2016)”

Footnote (9/23/2016)

Times when I will blah-blah entirely not about anything writer-y, book review-y, or author-y. Continue reading “Footnote (9/23/2016)”

A Bullet Grazed A Ghost While A Distraught Alien Spoke With The President

I would love to read that story if it ever gets written. Heck, I would love to write it. I wouldn’t guarantee you’d like it because I would write it the way I’d like it. Continue reading “A Bullet Grazed A Ghost While A Distraught Alien Spoke With The President”

A Murder Story For Children?

That’s not too hard to write. I’d simply take out the blood & gore and swear words but keep the dead guy, well, dead. Continue reading “A Murder Story For Children?”

I Wrote On A Sketchpad…

…And it didn’t work out.

But keep reading. There’s a good story here. Continue reading “I Wrote On A Sketchpad…”

This Feels Achingly Familiar…


So I found this article by Lucy Mitchell and, I have to say, if you want to call yourself a writer, please, please, tell me at least ONE of these points on her list make perfect sense to you. If not, start writing. And THEN you’ll see they’ll make sense to you. Continue reading “This Feels Achingly Familiar…”

Writing About The Joneses or The De La Cruzes?

Unless they live down the street from each other, you actually have a problem here. Continue reading “Writing About The Joneses or The De La Cruzes?”

Step Into My World. It’s Fun, I Promise.

It’s no different from yours. Mine has sunlight. And rain. And people who like them both. And taho. (Duh. What kind of Filipino wouldn’t have taho in their world?) Continue reading “Step Into My World. It’s Fun, I Promise.”

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