Continuing my fascination for this line of story-telling, this one’s more my pace.

What I like: Very creative story told in various creative ways. Incredibly pleasant and entertaining. Its YA feel cloaks a more mature side which surprised me. It jumps out without warning. And as a self-published upstart as well, I kind of appreciate the non-editing happening all over the place. The editor slept on this one, for sure. But it adds to the charm. This is one entertaining read. Quick, too.

What I liked less: Noooot much. I gave this 4 out of 5 stars on the ‘Before You Go’ page. I guess the editing, though charming, just got to me a bit. Ending kind of fell flat. Would’ve wanted it to be more solid.

So grab this book and finish it when you have the time. Loving these superhero turned supervillains but still, soulfully, very human, stories. More of these, please.


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Photo Credit: Kindle For Windows / James Kimball and Michael Crider