I would love to read that story if it ever gets written. Heck, I would love to write it. I wouldn’t guarantee you’d like it because I would write it the way I’d like it.

Part of the beauty of choosing a genre is letting readers know where to find you. Readers browsing through a bookstore is like them walking down neighborhoods. They know which ‘street’ you’re in every time. Once in awhile, you’ll feel like going on vacation from your chosen genre. That’s okay. The work that will come out of that will be placed in another part of the bookstore and your readers can traipse on over there but still know their way back to you.

Don’t get me wrong: creativity is so subjective that I believe everyone can write beyond genre walls. Most works touch on a little bit of everything, that’s true. But there’s a fine line between brilliance and convolution. You have to tread that line carefully. You have to learn to, once in awhile, rein in your creativity in order to get a tight, quick story out. If your work needs to meander to various genres, it should do so with the thought of moving the story forward, not just taking your readers out on a lovely but pointless walk. It’s a lesson I’ve learned only too well.

I’ve had countless manuscripts fall over the wayside because I couldn’t control them. In hindsight, maybe they were meant to fall if only to make me learn to pull back on my next endeavors.

So take us for a walk on the wild, or political, or haunting, or lovely side. Just remember to guide us back to where we need to be. I can’t wait for you to buckle down and write away.

Happy Writing!


Photo Credit: Pakpong Pongatichat / Fotolia