That’s not too hard to write. I’d simply take out the blood & gore and swear words but keep the dead guy, well, dead. Let my readers in on secret conversations and then suddenly have them stop talking, as if they knew someone was eavesdropping. In the end, the dead guy wasn’t actually dead. That’s how I’d do it.

Coming up with a subject matter is the best and the most frustrating thing when you’re beginning a new manuscript. There are so many things to write about. A nun goes to the bathroom and comes out to find she’s in Dante’s Inferno. A school bus driver by day, the world’s best racing driver by night. Hidden worlds within your ear that only you can hear. Life, Death, and somewhere in between.

In my case, my ideas start as ‘Eureka!’ moments. Quick, fleeting spans of inspiration where you can visualize the story done and it is just a thing of beauty as you step back from it. Then the details of how to write it swarm you. Your beautiful, brilliant idea now kinda looks fuzzy. How do you clear it back up?

You start by choosing your audience. Adults? Young Adults? Children? A mix of either? These days the lines are blurred. You can pick an audience but also draw in another altogether. The Harry Potter series is a good example. It was written for children but a lot more mature audiences bought it as well. Adults find it’s a good escape from their adult-y world. On the flip side, young adults, as their maturity and intelligence progresses, will pick more mature works to satisfy their growing mind.

Next, you go on to choosing the genre. Horror? Mystery? Romance? What does your idea tell you? You can mix things up at this point. A monster under your bed can actually break your heart; lovers can still outrun assassins while making audiences swoon with a simple caress; and politicians can still talk smack in the face of an alien invasion. (Yes, that last one is from a movie. The first one, not the sequel from 2016.)

Keep that idea alive like embers in winter, crack your knuckles, and get down to writing. I know you can do it. So write away.

Happy Writing!