It’s no different from yours. Mine has sunlight. And rain. And people who like them both. And taho. (Duh. What kind of Filipino wouldn’t have taho in their world?)

And, like your world, I also have corners that aren’t lit as much. In fact some of them are utterly dark. Like, even under direct sunlight, they’re still dark. You can find them dotting the landscape here and there. You’d probably be put off to step into them. You might just stay in the lighted places.

But come into the dark for a minute.

“Why?” You ask.

Because I am going to share these dark places with you. I write about them.

My name is Ben John Cabigas. In 2015 I wrote my first book, “How We Stopped An Engkanto Before Dismissal” under my pen name John B. Ponce. It’s a wonderful story of how four friends team up to defeat an Engkanto (it’s a Philippine Mythical Creature) who enslaves their entire school all before the dismissal bell rings. It’s available on both digitally and on paperback.

Of course you’re not sold. So, how about a little bet?

I bet not five of you can give me your best childhood horror story. Just one story in fifty words per one of you. Creepy pasta, straight up prose, I don’t care – no five people can write it and send it to my e-mail. And use the subject “Fifty Shades Of Dark”. And do it all before August 31, 2016.

But what if five of you are able to do it?

Well, you win a signed, paperback copy of my first book for free. Naturally.

BookCover_Final BookCover_Final BookCover_Final BookCover_Final BookCover_Final

So go ahead. I dare you. I dare FIVE of you. The BEST FIVE by 11:59PM, August 31, 2016 get a FREE copy of my book. Shipping not included, though. Gotta say that.

So, again, welcome to my world. I hope you enjoy the dark. I’ll be writing more of that soon.