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Welcome! First, I’m sure you’re wondering what taho is. It’s hot, silken tofu meticulously cut into bite-sized pieces, mixed in with chewy tapioca balls, and ladled with a generous amount of smooth, warm, delectable molasses syrup all over. Yum.

Which goes really well with the kind of books I write. And the stuff I will be blogging about.

My first book!

Yes, I am a book author. I write about kids and young adults. I take them on adventures all over the Philippines – which is where I’m from. Then I mix in creepy and frightening local mythical creatures just to see what happens. You and I enjoy it all from the comforts of our paperback copies or mobile devices. Together with taho. That’s my idea of heaven.

On this site, I’ll be sharing about my journey as an author. From my first book, How We Stopped An Engkanto Before Dismissal, to my current projects. I’ll give helpful tidbits on how you, too, can write your own children’s or YA novel. It took me 22 years to write my first book. With my tips, I hope you finish a lot earlier than me.

I’ll also be reviewing other YA and children’s books. I can’t begin to express how important it is for authors to soak up as much of the genre as is possible. That’s the only way to learn. So check back in with me to see what I’ve got on my reading list.

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So, go on, have a look around. Like, share, comment. And I hope to see you back soon here.

Thanks a lot!